About us

Either do it right, or don't do it at all! - something like this could be the motto of Georg Graf and Oliver Jourdant, the makers of TimeStamps.

TimeStamps is the first iOS app and favorite "child" of both app programmers. It all started with a simple idea - and quickly came the claim to implement it as simple as possible. Simple for the user, of course! And this often described high usability is what distinguishes TimeStamps.

Georg Graf

Architecture, Coding & Testing

Georg is a computer scientist and a passioned coder that listens to heavy metal and likes to drive motorbikes. Most of his friends would describe him as a funny guy who likes to enjoy his life. In his free time - beside iOS developing - he also plays bass guitar, goes to the cinema or simply meets his friends.


Oliver Jourdant

Usability, Design & Coding

Olli is a computer scientist and a passionate usability engineer with an eye on every detail. If he is not looking if every pixel is there where it belongs, he meets up with his friends or drives his now 41 year old british MGB roadster he re-imported from California several years ago. If time permits, he likes to design web sites and takes photographs.